fat2fit Ramadan 2019

Fat2Fit – Ramadan 2019 Update


Ramadan Mubarakh to everyone all over the world.

So the month of Ramadan is upon us once again. This ramadan I am focused on not only loosing weight but also focusing on my mind and spirituality.

As many know I do intermittent fasting throughout the year and since April 2019 I have taken my fat2fit journey more seriously.

My food in take just before ramadan started was a low carb/keto style lifestyle which I did enjoy.

During ramadan due to the small eating window I am going to do my best to eat at least 1000 calories but if i’m going to be honest I probably be eating less than that during this month.

Things I wont be eating due to the high amounts of sugar and carb content are things like dates and fried food.

Majority of my food will include high amounts of healthy fats, moderate protein and very low carbs.

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Fat2Fit – Progress So Far

So my Journey was meant to have started early January 2019. Unfortunately so much happened in life over the years that it just caught up with me and I just started making excuses after excuses and my healthy lifestyle dream went down the pan…deep fried pan with fish and chips :P.

However In April I said enough is enough and I started training at home and when I could get access to the gym.

So here is an update to my current progress.

April 7th
123.1kg // 19.38st // 271.39lbs

May 5th
117kg // 18.42st // 258lbs

Total loss
6.1kg // 0.96st // 13.39lbs

I still have a long way to go but with Ramadan approaching im sticking to my low carb lifestyle and looking forward to being in perfect shape before I turn 41.

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fat2fit transformation
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Welcome to akeelsworld

Welcome to my new website. On this platform I shall be sharing my passion and life from all the ups and downs but at the same time hoping that we all learn something.

The biggest part of the site will probably be my Fat2Fit transformation where I try to loose a lot of weight in order to get healthy.

You will also get to follow my journey as I travel the world capturing memories for not only couples but also corporate clients. Producing photography and video content.

I shall also be uploading weekly vlogs on my YouTube channel so make sure you head on over to the channel and subscribe.

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Updates to the site

The site even when it is live will always be changing and being updated with content. If you wish to be featured in the Fat2Fit series feel free to get in touch so that I can share your journey with the world.