Ramadan 2019 Mubarakh


So the blessed month of Ramadan is upon us once again. This year for me Ramadn is more personal as I not only try to increase my mental health and focus but also plan to use ramadan to improve my health and well being.

Over the years during ramadan ive never really focused much on the spirutal aspect of the fast, but more focused on just eating and sleeping.

This year not only have I planned my meals but have also decided to focus on praying and meditating for a better mental health.

What is Ramadan?

So what is ramadan?. Ramadan is the ninth Islamic month where the Quran was revealed to prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him.

During this month Muslims from around the world listen to the Quran and fast from sunrise to sunset.

During the fasting period of fast we are not allowed to eat or drink.

More information regarding Ramadan and Fasting.

I shall be creating content as much as possible over on my YouTube channel which will not only cover the month of ramadan but also benefits on fasting.

In the modern world people fast for many health benefits. Google topics such as Intermittent Fasting, Dry Fasts, Prolonged fasts etc. The most common is Intermittent Fasting and research over the years has shown many benefits of fasting.

Final words

No matter what your faith or believes. I pray that we are all blessed with good health, happiness and success.